Two techniques for making simulated insects

Time:March 06,2022 Visits:353

The production of simulation insects is the use of modern technology, according to the shape and structure of the insect itself, according to the scale of a hundred times, a thousand times to make a realistic simulation model. Simulation of insects are very realistic in appearance, shape and movement, lifelike shape and vivid action.

Simulation of the insect production process is similar to the production process of simulation of dinosaurs, also divided into two processes.

First of all, the internal support is made of steel, adding mechanical and transmission devices, and the three-dimensional processing with high-density foam, made of dinosaur muscles. Then fibers are added to the muscles to increase the strength of the dinosaur's skin. Finally, silicone is diluted and evenly brushed on to form the insect's skin on its muscles. Then the color is sprayed on and finally the control program is implanted so that a moving simulation insect comes out. You can reach the action of the tentacles, head, tail and other parts.

Next is the simulation of insect sculpture. His production process is to use the more traditional clay modeling and other shapes, and then use fiberglass to make the mold, and finally polish and colored it.