Zigong simulation dinosaur manufacturing

Time:September 28,2022 Visits:167

The welcoming Tyrannosaurus rex receives visitors at the toll booth all year round, and the moving pterosaur takes turns to be ridden in the museum hall. The land of dinosaurs is so famous that locals claim to be the descendants of dragons, a sight you can only see in Zigong. Zigong dinosaur more than Zigong language out of Sichuan, has become an internationally renowned world-class name card.

Intelligent working people under the guidance of experts tried to restore the dinosaur model. After decades of development, the local spawned a leading global industry chain of simulated dinosaurs.

According to reports, Zigong City has 25 large-scale dinosaur manufacturing enterprises, exports dinosaurs to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, and 85% of the world's simulation dinosaur or animation equipment are produced in Zigong.

From theme park statues to human holsters(dinosaur costumes), Zigong's dinosaur industry is rich and well-made. A five-meter-high Tyrannosaurus Rex can be sold for $5,360 to $7,324, all of which are works of art stolen from nature.