Simulation dinosaurs: things you don't know

Time:September 28,2022 Visits:170

1. What if the skin of a simulated dinosaur is damaged?

Because the simulation dinosaur model is visited outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be tourists or children climbing and touching, so the skin damage is also sometimes occurred. If broken place not less than 5 cm can be sewn up with needle and thread breakage, then daub silicone glue do waterproof processing, if the damaged place is greater than 5 cm is required within the simulation dinosaurs first daub on glass glue seat inner sponge sticky, finally in skin daub glass glue again, wait for dry after using acrylic paint can be complementary.

2.What if the skin of a simulated dinosaur fades?

For a long time, the skin of the simulated dinosaur will occasionally encounter the imagination of fading, but it is worth noting that we should carefully check whether it is caused by too much dust accumulation on the surface, if it is dust accumulation then we need to clean it properly. If the cleaning effort or fade, then it is necessary to use the same acrylic material to re-color, and then use glass glue seal color can be.

3.What if the simulated dinosaur doesn't work with electricity?

If the dinosaur we purchased still can't start with electricity, then we have to carefully check the reasons, common circuit failure, remote control is broken, infrared sensor failure, etc. If you are not sure what the fault is, we can use the exclusion method detection, the first is to check whether the circuit is normal, in the check whether there is a problem with the infrared induction. If there is no problem with the infrared induction, you can switch with the dinosaur remote control that is in use to check whether the remote control is faulty. If there is a problem with the remote control, you need to replace it.

4. What should we do if the teeth of a simulated dinosaur fall off?

Tooth loss is the easiest to outdoor simulation dinosaur models often appear problem, because of long time in the outdoor exhibition many tourists could be pulled out of curiosity, if have spare teeth then daub glue fixed maintenance can directly, if there is no spare teeth need to contact our company, we will send the corresponding size according to the specifications you purchase teeth, The back of the self-maintenance can be.

5. What should we do if the simulation model has only actions but no calls?

If the animal model of the simulated dinosaur can act normally, but there is no sound, this situation is usually the problem of the sound or sound chip. If such a problem is encountered, how to detect and repair it? We can use the troubleshooting method to replace the normal stereo with the faulty one. If the problem is not solved, please contact us and we will help you replace the sound chip.