Simulation dinosaur production process?

Time:March 06,2022 Visits:567

Simulation dinosaur belongs to the category of resin crafts. The simulation dinosaur is suitable for theme parks, museums, science and technology museums, amusement parks, zoos and botanical gardens, resorts, shopping malls, city squares, theme restaurants, various exhibitions, etc. It can also be used in commercial marketing to create an atmosphere and attract customers.

Many customers do not know how dinosaurs are made before they go to the dinosaur factory.

After visiting the dinosaur manufacturing factory, I found out that the manufacturing of artificial dinosaurs is actually a physical activity and a technical activity.

The first step is to design the rendering according to the customer's requirements, and then build the internal frame structure of the dinosaur model with steel and steel pipes. With the corresponding motors and movements, it looks like a skeleton model welded with steel.

The second step is modeling. Using a sponge, cut out the various body parts of the dinosaur into rough modules, attach them to the frame according to the steel frame, and then cut out the muscles, body shape, and details of each part of the animal by hand with scissors, a dinosaur model prototype is thus out.

The third step is the treatment of tanning and painting, and the surface is treated with silicone and other techniques. After this process, the appearance of a simulated dinosaur model comes out.

The fourth step is to color and cover the skin of the dinosaur. Just coloring the dinosaur and covering the skin several times will ensure that the surface of the dinosaur will not be easily damaged. Finally, after the complete process, a vivid simulation dinosaur model comes out.

The production of simulated dinosaurs requires not only skill but also artistic sense and artistic foundation, otherwise, it is difficult to make a living dinosaur.