Maintenance of common faults in simulated dinosaurs

Time:March 06,2022 Visits:344

1. After power on, there is no response.

Solution: Check whether the LED indicator of the controller is on. When the indicator light is on, if the arm swings in front of the induction probe and the machine does not respond, the induction probe may be damaged. In this case, you can determine by replacing the non-faulty machine and the induction probe. After confirming the fault, please take out a new induction probe from the repair kit to replace it, or contact us directly to send it to you.

2. There is movement during rehearsal, but the movement is incomplete (such as only the mouth does not respond).

Solution: The machine is working, but only one action is disabled. At this point, make sure that the fuse corresponding to that action has been opened. After opening the black controller with a screwdriver, you need to visually inspect the base plate to see if there is a blown fuse. If so, remove the corresponding color fuse from the service kit and replace it. If the power is turned on after replacement, the fuse will also be damaged. Please contact us immediately.

3. No roar when opening the mouth.

Solution: If there is no sound from the speakers when opened, for external speakers, first observe whether the power indicator of the speakers lights up when opened. If it lights up, the SD card connected to the speaker may be poor contact or damaged. If the speaker indicator does not light up, it means that the external speaker may have been damaged. If you have the conditions, you can replace it, if not, please contact us directly.

If the speaker is built-in, the speaker may be damaged or the controller has problems, please contact us directly.

4. Abnormal sound when imitating an action.

Solution: When the tail of the machine swings to one side, if the motor makes a sharp abnormal sound, it may be an external force that causes the machine to deform and rub. At this time you need to contact us to assist the technical staff to modify and restore the structure of the machine. When the tail as a whole makes an abnormal sound, it may be stuck on the motor reducer or bearing, causing a malfunction. Therefore, if you need to replace the faulty motor reducer or bearing, please contact us by email.

5. The skin is damaged with cracks.

Solution: The model skin is made of silicone rubber and fiber cloth. During use, if the skin is scratched by a knife, cracks can easily appear. In this case, sew the cracks with a needle and thread (as much as possible), take out the clear glass glue from the repair kit, apply the glass glue evenly on the sewn cracks, and it can be easily repaired after drying.