Precautions for Dinosaur Simulation Exhibition

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A showcase event of dinosaurs and paleontology with science, fun, and ornamental features was held. Usually, commercial activities include real estate, shopping malls, squares, festivals, theme parks, museums, science and technology museums, etc. The exhibits mainly include dinosaur models, fossil skeleton models, dinosaur specimens, paleontological models, etc. The exhibits are realistic, vivid and loved by young people.


Basic information:

Features: The dinosaur exhibit has certain knowledge, which can popularize natural science knowledge and understand the knowledge about dinosaurs.

Interactive: Dinosaur exhibition can play various games, not only can you experience the dominance of dinosaurs, but you can also play the role of scientists to dig dinosaur fossils and explore its mysteries, and you can also play hide-and-seek in dinosaur eggs, etc. Rich in interactivity

Easy installation and operation: The exhibition site and security during the exhibition can be configured as needed, and exhibits can be rented or purchased from the exhibition production company.

Positive publicity effect: dinosaur exhibition can attract consumers' attention and increase the publicity of the exhibition, which has a positive effect on expanding the influence.



Classified according to the nature of the market, it can be divided into two types: public welfare and commercial.

According to the main prominent exhibits of dinosaur exhibition, it is divided into dinosaur replica exhibition and fossil bone theme exhibition.


Classified by commercial nature:

1. General science exhibitions: museums. Usually in the form of theme parks. Such as the opening of the museum, the opening of the park, anniversary celebrations and other times. This kind of exhibition focuses on science popularization, emphasizing the advantages and roles of museums and theme parks. Exhibitors are mainly science enthusiasts, students and educational institutions.

2. Real estate dinosaur exhibition: or at the same time invite stars to hold singing and dancing parties, or at the same time hold various interactive lottery activities. This kind of dinosaur exhibition mainly focuses on property sales, increasing the influence of property and playing a good role in publicity and promotion. Most of the exhibitors are real estate viewers, students and local citizens. 

3. Mall dinosaur exhibition: this kind of dinosaur exhibition plays a certain role of decorative facilities, but also a commercial promotion means to drive popularity, attract attention and stimulate consumption.

4. Festival dinosaur exhibition: May Day, National Day, Christmas and other grand holiday celebrations, city square dinosaur exhibition to enrich the lives of citizens.


Large-scale exhibitions are characterized by a wide variety of exhibits, large exhibition area, wide publicity and rich interactive activities. They are mostly held in large theme parks, science and technology museums, large museums and other places.

Medium-sized exhibitions are moderate in terms of quantity, type, site size, degree of influence and richness of interactive activities, and are mostly held in real estate events and city squares.

Small exhibitions are lacking in all aspects. The number is small, the location is small, and the activities are single. Most of the exhibitions in department stores are of this type.


Necessary conditions for conducting dinosaur activities:

Electricity: dinosaur exhibitions need to prepare about 200KW of electricity in winter and summer

Indoor: Located in an indoor building such as an exhibition hall, the floor height must be more than 8 meters.

Area: 10,000~20,000 square meters with flat open space (non-indoor buildings must be equipped with hoods, etc.).

Firefighting: Fire hydrants or firefighting equipment must be available everywhere.

Toilets: There must be public toilets or 6 or more portable toilets in the park.

Policies: Dinosaur exhibit requires local contractors to do a good job of government d0cument submission, relationship coordination and other related work.

Staff: dinosaur exhibition staff will be accommodated by the organizer locally to solve the staff's accommodation problems.

Handling customer service: customer disputes and other emergencies in the park

Hygiene in the park: clean up at all times to ensure the maintenance.

Exhibition introduction: train interpreters in professional pavilions to popularize science knowledge for visitors.