2022 IN HeBei

Time:July 22,2022 Visits:560

When autumn comes, most families choose to go to the park for a picnic, and a park with lush vegetation and beautiful landscaping is a popular choice for most people.

Our company recently for the Hebei Lushui Lake scenic area to create a high degree of realism dinosaur model. There are not only realistic dinosaur eggs, but also many realistic dinosaur fossils. During the site survey, our company also pays attention to dinosaur knowledge science, so that visitors can watch the realistic dinosaurs, immerse themselves in the dinosaur era and feel the growth of dinosaurs, but also learn the effective science about dinosaurs!

Our team of builders have a very precise grasp of the details of the simulated dinosaurs. Whether it's the colour of the dinosaur's skin or the details of its pupils, we discuss them in detail with the client and strive to make a dinosaur model that is close to reality.

If you want to create a well-known forest park, get in touch with us and pick up some eye-catching dinosaur simulacra for the park!