Zigong dinosaurs’ culture

Time:September 28,2022 Visits:310

Zigong teeming with dinosaurs, and this has a full basis. As early as 1913-1915, American geologist Lloyd Burke discovered the footprints of dinosaurs in Zigong, which opened the prelude to the myth of dinosaurs in Sichuan.

In the 1970s and 1980s, geologists successively discovered more than 160 sites where dinosaur fossils were produced, totaling tens of thousands of fossilized bone specimens of dinosaurs and other vertebrates. This is a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils dating back about 160 million years, covering almost every family and genus.

As a result, Zigong Dinosaur Museum has become one of the three major dinosaur museums in the world, as well as the National Dinosaur Park of the United States and the Dinosaur Park of Canada. Compared with the latter two, Zigong Dinosaur Museum has more abundant and more kinds, and its artifacts have been exhibited in many countries around the world for several decades.

The Zigong Lantern Festival, which is praised as "art of high taste" and "pride of national traditional culture", also listed dinosaurs as the theme element of the annual exhibition after the dinosaur fossils were unearthed.

Not to mention the dinosaur marathon, dinosaur theme park and dinosaur green belt, Zigong people have integrated dinosaurs into all aspects of life, generations of coexistence, forming a unique city style.